Social Lab 14 – Workshop 3

Date: 24-25 Oct 2019 Place: Novi-Sad, Serbia Description The 3rd workshop of Social Lab 14 focused on reviewing and reflecting people’s experiences with the pilot actions. In this workshop pilot actions and activities were re-assessed and consolidated and we evaluated the pilot actions and activities. Social Lab Participants who engaged themselves in one of the active pilot Read more about Social Lab 14 – Workshop 3[…]

Social Lab 5 – Workshop 3

Description The third workshop of Social Lab 5 (LEIT) focused on the capacity building within industry, namely, how responsibility and RRI uptake can and should be further developed. It has been a common recognition from the SL participants that efforts for enhancing responsibility and ethical behaviour remain in businesses and industries on a personal- and Read more about Social Lab 5 – Workshop 3[…]

Social Lab 10 – Workshop 3

Date: 11 & 12 December 2019 Venue: Vienna, Austria Description The third NewHoRRIzon Social Lab workshop “Smart, Green and Integrated Transport” took place at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Vienna. Sixteen participants from research, business and policy discussed about Institutional barriers within transport R&I to address contemporary challenges within the sector, as increasing societal Read more about Social Lab 10 – Workshop 3[…]

Social Lab 8 – Workshop 3

Date: 4 & 5 March 2020 Place: Tromsø, Norway Description The aim of this final Social Lab Workshop was to provide the participants with an opportunity to foster networking, knowledge and experience exchange related to pilot actions, reflect and evaluate pilot actions, and develop implementation plans, as well as extract lessons learned for future implementation of RRI Read more about Social Lab 8 – Workshop 3[…]