March 19, 2021


Missed the NewHoRRIzon Final Conference? Never mind, all sessions have been recorded and are available hereunder.

OPENING | NewHoRRIzon: Experiences with implementing RRI in Europe
KEYNOTE | Responsible Research and Innovation in Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe
Session 1 | The Social Lab Approach – Experiences from First Hand
Session 2 | Engaging stakeholders in research practice: the how & why of co-creation
Session 3 | RRI and sustainability transitions – connections, tensions and untapped potential?
Session 4 | The (transformative) impact of RRI
Session 5 | Risk Finance, Responsibility & Impact – Are the opposites meeting?
Session 6 | Reflecting on the philosophy of RRI
Session 7 | H2020 to Horizon Europe: from ethical guidelines to democratic practices
Session 8 | RRI as an Integrated Approach to Research and Innovation Across Disciplines, Contexts and Countries
Session 9 | The future of RRI – Policy and RRI in times of political turbulence
Session 10 | RRI and institutional change

Session 12 | The role of research funding organizations to support the uptake of RRI: Building a RRI-based evaluation framework for research funding agencies – mission possible? 

Final session | Miro Mapping overview and round table discussion

NewHoRRIzon Final Conference | Societal Readiness Thinking Tool

Interview with Erich Griessler by Living Innovation

The 19 Social labs are the core of the NewHoRRIzon project. Their goal is to provide a socially based and experimental approach for addressing complex societal challenges related to RRI. Meet our Social Lab representatives in our short video and find out more about their pilot actions :

Part 1:

Part 2:

Watch the interviews from the NewHoRRIzon​ Kick-off meeting in Vienna, in May 2017