March 19, 2021


The RRI.ex is a virtual experience that shares our story of working with Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and diverse groups of people and institutions throughout the NewHoRRIzon project. Hosted within the RRIHub, our story is displayed in a digital space where users can explore at random or find targeted project outcomes or research themes of interest. As a hub, the RRIHub serves two purposes.

First, it allows our project members and participants to share, communicate and disseminate outcomes, and secondly, it serves as a virtual meeting ground for people to engage with RRI.

You can also explore tools such as the MOOC for learning about RRI or the Societal Readiness Thinking Tool for implementing RRI in your own project. The space also allows you to get to know (virtually) others who are working on aligning research with society through participant testimonials and footage of the pilot actions, We hope you have fun exploring our project, which hopefully can be used as a resource and inspiration for you to carry on RRI in the research and innovation system.