October 30, 2019

Societal Readiness Thinking Tool

NewHoRRIzon aims to promote Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in the research and innovation systems on national and international levels. As part of this ambition, NewHoRRIzon is concerned with integrating RRI coherently across all stages of research and innovation project development and implementation.

NewHoRRIzon provides the Societal Readiness (SR) Thinking Tool, which offers practical guidance on how to mature the societal readiness of research projects. The tool was developed in a three-step procedure (concept, design, validation) involving the consortium and participants in the Social Labs. Each step has been reported in a separate deliverable.

The SR Thinking Tool provides a generic methodology allowing researchers to reflect on the societal impact of their work at critical stages in the project life cycle. The primary goal is to help researchers align their project activities with societal needs and expectations. The SR Thinking Tool asks reflective questions to stimulate thinking about how to integrate ideas about RRI into research practice.

The SR Thinking Tool is web-based; for more information watch the video below or access the dedicated page here.