Cristina Luís

University of Lisbon, Portugal

Cristina Luís has a PhD in Biology and she is a researcher and lecturer at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, in the areas of science communication, citizen science, public engagement and history of horse domestication. She is also a member of CIUHCT – Interuniversitary Center of History of Science and Technology. She teaches and coordinates curricular units on science communication and the advanced courses Production of Science Communication Initiatives and Strategies for Citizen Engagement in Science Communication. Cristina worked for 10 years as a researcher in science communication at the National Museum of Natural History and Science, University of Lisbon, where she developed several science communication projects such as the coordination of the Marie Curie European Researchers Night and the co-curation of several exhibitions.

She has been highly involved in actions related to public engagement in research and coordinating several citizen science projects and initiatives. Cristina coordinates the University of Lisbon’s team in the EU funded project NEWSERA, that is exploring citizen science as a new paradigm for science communication, and is team member of the EU funded project ENJOI, on engagement and journalism innovation for outstanding open science communication.