Fern Wickson

NAMMCO – the North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission, Norway

Dr. Fern Wickson identifies as a transdisciplinary ecologist. She is keenly interested in the relationship between humanity and nature and studies interactions between science, ethics and politics in environmental conservation and management. She has previously worked as a Research Professor of environmental governance, specialized in emerging technologies (biotechnologies and nanotechnologies). Her work on this topic, as well as the theory and practice of transdisciplinary research (crossing academic disciplines and involving local and stakeholder knowledge) , naturally carried her to Responsible Research and Innovation. Through her involvement in a number of RRI initiatives and projects, Fern has worked to advance the concept of RRI and its implementation through her research, her role as editor of the  Journal of Responsible Innovation, and her work on the Boards of different funding programs within the Research Council of Norway.
She is currently employed as the Scientific Secretary for NAMMCO (the North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission), an intergovernmental advisory body for the research, conservation and management of whales and seals in the North Atlantic.