Ines Vaittinen

European Network of Living Labs ENoLL, Belgium

Ines Vaittinen is an International Project Manager and Capacity Builder at ENoLL. Her diverse educational background has flown from industrial design to architecture, to service and business design, and human-centric approaches in innovation management. Professionally she has experience from Corporate Innovation (eg. innovation projects following the Design Thinking methodology) and project work on user-centered design solutions for corporate clients in the field of service design, experience design, process design, and behavior design. All of these experiences have led her down a path of people-centricity in the design of the new: from products to spaces, to services and processes, to strategies and policies. 

As capacity builder at ENoLL, Ines is focusing on the creation of new value for the Living Lab community and wider Open Innovation ecosystem through the capacity building program: “transforming your organisation through a Living Lab approach”. Currently focusing on the building of new offers, products, and services under the capacity building umbrella. As project manager, Ines has completed the EU-MACS, iSCAPE and SISCODE projects and is currently leading REWAISE and METABUILDINGS projects. She also lends her citizen-centric, co-creation, and design-driven expertise across the board of projects and activities at ENoLL with a supporting / WP lead / task lead role.