First NewHoRRIzon policy brief

The NewHoRRIzon project published its first policy brief in May 2018, coordinated and written by Robert Braun of the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) and co-authored by Michael Bernstein of GenØk – Centre for Biosafety with contributions from the NewHoRRIzon team, on the status of RRI in H2020.

The policy brief aims at offering evidence based policy recommendationsinformed by the first inputs of NewHoRRIzon research efforts across 19 social labsto policy makers, journalists and interested researchers on the state of play of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in Horizon (H2020) and proposing immediate actions to consider for mainstreaming RRI in the next framework program, FP9.

The early research highlights steps that the EU has already initiated to advance RRI in H2020 programming, such as including commitments in the founding regulation of the programme and establishing devoted activities through the Science with and for Society programme. However, findings also point to numerous challenges for widespread and sustained implementation across H2020 programming and projects. First results indicate a range of policies that could be pursued to build capacity of the European R&I enterprise to realize RRI.

Our recommendations, among others, include: focus on excellence in terms of transparent and socially robust knowledge that is inclusive of stakeholder and citizen perspectives; capacity building and training of programme officers, evaluators, researchers, innovators, and stakeholders to learn more about ways that science and technology are embedded in society; and further investments in the development of “Key Performance Indicators” or other methods of monitoring and evaluating RRI implementation.

Download our first NewHoRRIzon policy brief here: Responsible Research and Innovation in H2020: current status and steps forward.

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