Social Lab 12 – Workshop 1

Date: 3-4 May 2018

Place: Tallinn, Estonia


Our first workshop started with a joint session with Social Lab 13 “Security”, where the major challenges crosscutting the two programme lines were tackled from different perspectives. The objective was to make participants with specific expertise learn from alternative approaches to similar questions so to broaden their perspectives. The participants discussed the possible implementation of responsibility with regard to the specific needs of the two programmes. On the second day the participants of our Social Lab discussed and designed possible pilot actions, targeting different sectors of society, namely, universities and policy-makers. 


  • Nina Braun
  • Guido Gorgoni
  • Darian Meacham
  • Bernard Reber
  • Katarzyna Morton
  • Adalheidur Jonsdottir
  • Anneli Roose
  • Neil Forbes
  • Claire Thierry
  • Anais Rességuier
  • Georgios Kolliarakis
  • Robert Gianni
  • Ülle Must
  • Veikko Ikonen