Social Lab 15 – Workshop 2

Date: 1-2 April 2019

Place: Ljubljana, Slovenia


The social lab on “Science with and for society” has met early after the first workshop again to revitalize energy for the joint actions and also to review and readjust the pilot actions where necessary. The composition of the group with half of the participants having attended the first workshop and half of them being there for the first time has perfectly met this objective.

Moreover, the group met this time at the place of one of the pilot hosts, which is the Trnovo Kindergarten in Ljubljana, to see their part in pilot action 2 (called “RRI Education”) in action. Although other key participants of the pilot could not make it to the workshop, seeing the pilot in action brought a lot of energy to the group and a remarkable development for the pilot itself: the prospect of a transfer of knowledge from the Slovenian kindergarten team to the Spanish FISABIO team working on information in clinical trials for children and teenagers in the i-consent project.

Like in the first workshop, the participants were interested in working further on 3 of the 5 pilot ideas. Next to pilot 2 (RRI Education), we worked on pilot 1 (Benefits of RRI) and pilot 3 (Future of science?society). For pilots 4 and 5 the social lab team had explored previous to the workshop potential cooperation with other social labs and presented the results to the group. Based on this we decided that these two pilots will not be followed up as an individual activity of our social lab, but that we will try to engage with other social labs and support their activities.


  • Mara Balestrini, Ideas for Change, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Marianne Kinnula: Associate Professor, INTERACT Research Unit, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, University of Oulu, Finland; involved in the project COMnPLAY SCIENCE
  • Alenka Komljanc: Trnovo Kindergarten, Slovenia
  • Natalja Komljanc: National Educational Institute, Slovenia.
  • Leane Regan: Hochschule Rhein-Waal, Germany.
  • Danielle Shanley, Maastricht University, the Netherlands.
  • Shauna Stack, University of Vienna, Austria.
  • Norbert Steinhaus, Science Shop Bonn, Germany.
  • Michalis Tzatzanis: National Contact Point SWAFS, Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), Vienna, Austria.
  • Monica Vázquez-Moreno, FISABIO Valencia, Spain.

Participating members of the social lab team: Susanne Buehrer, Stephanie Daimer and Philine Warnke, all Fraunhofer ISI, Karlsruhe, Germany.

Some of the logos of participants’ institutions and projects