Social Lab 18 – Workshop 2

Date: 19-20 November, 2018

Place:  Munich, Germany

Participants: 12

  • Domenico Perfido, Civil Engineer and Project manager, R2M Solution.
  • Ines Vaittinen, International Project Manager and Developer, European Network of Living Labs.
  • Viktória Lakatos, Environmental Design Team Member, Solar Decathlon Europe.
  • Maria Theresa Moreira Vilar, Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Santiago de Compostela.
  • Andrea Riccio, Head of Research Observatory, Sapienza Università di Roma.
  • Mario Cortese, EU-project management, R2M solution.
  • Laura Bragonzoni, Researcher, Laboratory of Biomechanics and Technology Innovation, Rizzoli Institute in Bologna.
  • Maklawe Essonanawe Edjabou, postdoc, Department of Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Denmark.
  • Tanguy Coenen, Application Prototyping Team Program Manager, imec.
  • Barnabas Körmönd, Hungarian Urban Knowledge Centre.
  • Brendan Rowan, COO, IOT Tribe.
  • Cristiano Paggetti, CEO, MEDEA s.r.l.


The four pilot actions were elaborated and carefully planned as the most dedicated Social Lab participants (and a few new members) returned for the second workshop at Hotel Prinz in Munich in November 2018.

The participants were eager to work on their pilots, which really took shape, and they mapped out the work to be done until the third workshop.