Social Lab 19 – Workshop 1

Date: 16-18 May 2018

Place: Brussels, Belgium


Ten stakeholders coming from the energy field participated in this workshop. They came from areas such as: European Commission, Joint Research Centre, universities and R&I departments, NGOs, industry.


This workshop aimed to bring together various stakeholders within and outside EURATOMto elaborate differentperspectives on and visions for it. It also investigated how Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is implemented within EURATOM and discussed its potential for future use. This event was part of a workshop series across all program lines of H2020.

Apart from much time for discussions and exchange of views and experiences – especially with regard to public engagement and open access – the workshop provided space for evolving a common vision of EURATOM in 2050 and for defining the biggest social challenge, namely increasing awareness of society regarding the evaluation of energy, which has to be tackled in order to reach this vision.

Participants developed different pilot ideas that deal with possible barriers and problems connected to this social challenge. After a voting process four pilot activities were further elaborated:
• A teach-the-teacher activity in which high school teachers should be trained in the basics of energy. After implementing a pilot module the approach shall be brought up to the EURATOM Committees and Lobbies and into future EURATOM calls.
• Creation of RRI keys for EURATOM that feeds into a roadmap.
• The organization of a “Nuclear dating Event” where PhDs from nuclear sciences come together with social scientists. The outcome of the event could be a paper of the students.
• A trial event where EURATOM representatives co-create a call proposal which includes RRI criteria. The preliminary stakeholder mapping will be done by extending the JRC stakeholder list.

The participants appreciated very much to meet different stakeholders of EURATOM and to gain a basic knowledge on RRI.