Social Lab 9 – Workshop 2

Date: 4 & 5 April 2019

Place: Reichenau an der Rax; Austria


Participants came from 11 different countries and they represented a variety of stakeholders such as civil society organisations, research institutions and policy and funding agencies.


The aim of this workshop was to commonly discuss the ongoing pilot actions addressing the issue of how to include RRI in the everyday work of the Social Lab Team in relation to the programme line ‘Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy’. Both of these two days were used for intense work, but the beautiful environment and the included ‘walkshop’ provided a lot of room for team building processes and energised the whole social lab team.

Included in this work is some food for thought:
RRI for researchers should be…
purposeful + useful + beautiful + ful = powerful

The group is looking forward to implement the pilot actions and to meet again in November for the third workshop.