Social Lab 5 – Workshop 3


The third workshop of Social Lab 5 (LEIT) focused on the capacity building within industry, namely, how responsibility and RRI uptake can and should be further developed.

It has been a common recognition from the SL participants that efforts for enhancing responsibility and ethical behaviour remain in businesses and industries on a personal- and individual-level. Very rarely it reaches the higher management-level or the main decision-makers in businesses. Luckily, this workshop included representatives of a business, whose main purpose was to do business ethically and innovate responsibly. Their results were highly appreciated by all the SL5 participants and served as a good example of implementing responsibility and RRI through real societal impact.

Thus, this workshop concluded that institutional change in a business setting (as well as in academia) is difficult and cumbersome to achieve, as other competing priorities (e.g. competitive advantage, business revenues, publication pressure) are mainstreamed.

The pilot action therefore can be also considered a success, as most of the defined goals have been reached and completed.