Success Story: New HoRRIzon – adopting the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation

The latest success story from the Science with and for Society programme has been published in the form of a very interesting interview with Erich Griessler, the coordinator of New HoRRIzon. 

“The main goal of NewHoRRIzon is to implement the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation, RRI, which is a European concept promoted by the European Commission and others, in the Framework Programme Horizon 2020; thus to actually apply and implement RRI into research funded by the European Commission.” says Erich Griessler in the interview. 

Read the whole interview in the Success Story.

The concept of RRI is an approach which intends to bridge gaps between science, research and innovation communities and society at large by fostering more inclusive, anticipatory, open and responsive research and innovation systems. In this frame, multiple stakeholders (from research, business, policy making, education and civil society) are involved in research and innovation on the project and system level to better align its processes and outcomes with the values, needs and expectations of society. A first big step was the operationalisation of RRI into the following six key elements: ethics, gender equality, governance, public engagement, science education and open access.

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