NewHoRRIzon Visioning conference develops 11 key elements of a responsibility cultivating R&I support framework

Shift emphasis towards a balance of technological and social innovation

Shift emphasis towards a balance of technological and social innovation

On 5-6 October 2017 fifty people from university, research institutions and funding bodies from across Europe came together in Brussels, to generate a shared vision of a future Research and Innovation (R&I) Support Framework that encourages, cultivates and drives responsible practices on all levels of the European R&I landscape. In two intense days of alternating individual, small group and plenary work participants highlighted the following key characteristics of such a framework:

  • Enabling citizen participation;
  • Focusing on societal impact;
  • Fostering solidarity;
  • Underpinning horizontal thinking;
  • Applying responsible performance criteria (& practices);
  • Reflexive & learning;
  • Respecting & embracing differences;
  • Recognizing externalities (positive & negative);
  • Pursuing reflective R&I / Embracing failure;
  • Motivating by narratives;
  • Dedicated to profound capacity building;
  • Empowered by RRI specific resources and instruments.

During the workshop participants also ideated action elements for the future RRI framework as well as discussed specific perspectives for four key actor groups: academia, hybrid organisations, industry and research and innovation funders. Participants left the workshop with important insights, such as: “RRI is still work in progress ; “citizen participation in the R&I process is key”; and “appropriate compensation and remuneration must be provided to stakeholders who participate in the R&I process”.

The vision will provide guidance for the social labs (the method employed in the project), working with specific domains of the European Framework Programme within NewHoRRIzon. Participants were eager to give momentum for RRI in the European R&I landscape, while also providing inspiration and food for thought for all NewHoRRIzon team members.

Download the full documentation of NewHoRRIzon Visioning conference

Illustrator: Heyko Stöber