Social Lab 13 – Workshop 3

The 3rd workshop of SL13 was a success as the team successfully arranged an open day in order to reach more participantsl. The state of RRI in Ukraine was discussed as well as the relation between various developing security technologies and RRI.

Social Lab 4 – Workshop 3

Research infrastructures, such as electronic databases, mega-telescopes and other large scale research equipments do not operate in a societal vacuum. Embedded within society their implementation and use also needs to reflect their societal implications.

Social Lab 9 – Workshop 3

Whilst research on secure, clean and efficient energy effects everyone, current and future generations all over the globe, society does currently not have a role in most of the research activities that are done in this realm going beyond the role of a mere end-user.
A series of three workshops was developed by SL Energy team on these issues.