NewHoRRIzon passed its second review meeting with flying colors.

Last week the second NewHoRRIzon review meeting at ECs DG Research & Innovation in Brussels was a profound success.

For the project consortium it was not just about passing the review but also about convincing the EC that the money spent on the NewHoRRIzon project is indeed a solid investment. And we succeeded in this!

As a consortium we would like to express our gratidude to our reviewer Ellen-Marie Forsberg (former coordinator of the RRI-Practice project) for her profound criticism and constructive recommendations. Most important of all we’d like to thank her for sharing her insights which will help us to increase and better the impact of NewHoRRIzon towards RRI in Horizon Europe and beyond.

A big thanks goes to our project officer Raluca Iagher from the Research Executive Agency (REA) for her professionalism which created an atmosphere for constructive dialog and thourough investigation into the performance of the NewHoRRIzon project.

We are looking forward to the outstanding sixteen months of NewHoRRIzon!