Social Lab 13 – Workshop 3

Dates: 26 & 27 November 2019

Place: Kiev, Ukraine


The last workshop of Social Lab 13 on Security brought together sixteen participants from six European countries.
Participants represented different stakholders groups such as education, academia, research institutions and government.


In order to gain new insights into RRI in Ukraine, an Open Day was organized to gather the regular social lab people with local participants who represented various Ukrainian higher education institutions and governmental organizations. The views of the participants from all over Europe were brought into interaction with the perspectives of the local participants by different facilitation methods such as talking stick and family feud.

These facilitation methods together with high quality presentations gave the workshop an air of informality but also of expertise and thoughtfulness. Especially the perspectives voiced by the Ukrainians provided the Social Lab with valuable new insight into the current state of RRI in Ukraine, but also to its possibilities in helping to transform the practices in the country. Insightful presentations were also given regarding the topic of security, security research and new security technologies In various contexts within the EU and the world.

RRI in Security related pilots were viewed with much enthusiasm by the participants. This gave the pilot organizers a chance to discuss about their pilots, their goals, successes and challenges. It was also an opportunity for reflection; what has been achieved, what was our goal, what were the premises and most of all, what have we learned along the way? These insights formed the core of the Workshop output, which will help to concretize the lessons and reflections regarding the pilot actions of RRI application and implementation in various security-related fields and institutions.