Social Lab 16 – Workshop 3

Date: 8 & 9 January 2020

Venue: Aarhus, Denmark


The final workshop consisted of participants including the social lab manager, facilitator, and assistant.
Participants came from European countries such as Italy, Poland, Spain, Germany and Finland; they represented academic institutions, EU institutions and government bodies.

List of participants

  • Silvia Giuliani The National Research Council of Italy
  • Armida Torreggiani The National Research Council of Italy
  • Mario Roccaro EIT Food
  • Krzysztof Klincewicz University of Warsaw
  • Lidia Gullón Corral Foundation Gómez Pardo
  • Sven Kreigenfeld EIT Raw Materials
  • Jessica Baier Aarhus municipality
  • Liisa Lähteenmäki Aarhus University


The final workshop of SL16 was meant to discuss the future of the collected RRI stories.

The workshop succedeed in bringing the discussions about RRI to higher levels of the EIT.

Social Lab participants have become a part of a new, useful network of people to work with, they have learned about RRI, started reflecting on some of their own and their organization’s practices.

Even though the team wrapped-up the Social Lab process for now, with this third and final workshop, and celebrated the work done in good fun by giving each other awards for their roles in the Social Lab, they do not see this as the end to the work of integrating RRI in EIT, but just as the beginning