Social Lab 18 – Workshop 3

Date: 10 December 2019

Venue: Danish Technical University, Lyngby, Denmark


  • Vincent Maklawe Essonana-we Edjabou, Technical University of Denmark
  • Kostyantyn Pivnenko, Technical University of Denmark
  • Ines Vaittinen, ENoLL – European Network


The final workshop of Social Lab 18 was successfull as participants presented their Pilot Actions, did a reflection exercise on public engagement and worked on developing RRI Tips&Tricks card.

Both pilot actions were finalised and implemented according to plan. BINTELLIGENT was developed, evaluated, and tested at the food court at Roskilde Festival in June 2019 where the group engaged with manypeople in talking about the intelligent waste bin and about sorting wasteand recycling. The RRI House, now called RRILab, has been present at the OpenLivingLabs days in Thessaloniki in September 2019 and at the Smart City ExpoWorld Congress in Barcelona in November 2019. On both occasions, the team engaged visitorsto their booth in discussions around Living Labs, co-creation, and how RRI fits into this.

Through the 3 workshops, participant’s knowledge about RRI has grown; their insights in RRI are now stronger compared to the beginning.

Ines Vaittinen, from The European Network of Living Labs, guided the group through a reflection exercise on public engagement and the benefits and challenges it might bring with Tips&Tricks card. The group also initiated the development of such cards on RRI that ENOLL can use in their network.