Session 5: Risk Finance, Responsibility & Impact: Are the opposites meeting?

Organisers: Zbyněk MachátLuboš StudenýVincent Blok
Speakers: Kateřina BorunskáAlexander BremMartin BunčekRadek Hušek, Miloš LukačkaJan Petr Nekovář
Moderator: Lukáš Macenauer

Apart from the usual considerations guiding the distribution of public funding of research and innovations there has been a surge of interest and money available over the last few years in the area of so-called “impact investing”. The latter aims to produce sustainable social and environmental impacts for investee enterprises as well as communities while still generating adequate financial returns.   

The question naturally arises how these two streams of funding responsible research and innovation can be aligned to facilitate the development of enterprises that succeed in the market environment and sustainably bring about desired effects.    

This session aimed to explore the level of compatibility between the emerging socially responsible market investment strategy and the public funding represented, namely by Horizon 2020 & Europe.   

The format combined audience participation with a sequence of short presentations by representatives of private investors and public funding bodies (on their private & public investment strategies) and by the leaders of RRI-compliant startups experienced in fundraising from both sources. The 5-minute speeches were followed by moderated panel discussion. Questions and comments from the audience were welcome. All participants were invited to join in creating a resumé of the session via shared Miro board – this activity ran along the speeches and panel discussion.  

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