Join us in our virtual exhibition: guided tour on RRI Narratives

As part of our virtual conference, we are launching the RRI.ex, an online virtual exhibit of the NewHoRRIzon project. When entering the RRI.ex, you have the option to view videos that provide background on the project. You will also see a navigation tool, the ‘RRI navigator’, that allows you to explore the ‘pilot actions’ for RRI according to target group, area of interest, RRI key, and what you are searching for in terms of RRI.
The navigator will show you in which rooms you can find pilot actions which might be of interest to you. Upstairs you will see our Café Library which has been transformed into a virtual poster session for the conference and features 11 exciting RRI projects.
Lastly, also upstairs we have a Network room where you can find outlets for the continuation of RRI in the form of the Societal Readiness Thinking Tool, an RRI MOOC, an ambassador program and more. Have fun exploring the RRI.ex!