April 2, 2019

Social Lab 12: Europe in a changing world – Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies

What is a Social Lab?


Horizon 2020 pillar: Societal Challenges

Social Lab 12 “Society” brings together different stakeholders addressing urgent and cultural transformations within our societies. Migration managements, the role of memory and digitalisation of governance are only three amongst the most compelling ones.

The concept of responsibility is thus discussed and developed according to the needs of these specific challenges and of the overall objectives of reflexivity, inclusiveness and innovation characterizing the programme line. Social Lab 12 welcomes all citizens willing to contribute to the dialogue about shared values and principles, and their adaptation to the changing needs of plural societies. 

Social Lab Workshops

Workshop 1

Date: 3-4 May 2018

Place: Tallinn, Estonia

Description of the workshop

Workshop 2

Date: 2-3 May 2019

Place: Rome, Italy


The second workshop will have two objectives. The first one is to discuss about new pilot actions that will continue to target the two mentioned categories, educators and policy-makers. The second one is to exemplify a pilot via the open discussion of some of the most urgent themes like digitalisation of democracy, solidarity and data responsibilities. 

Pilot Actions

Factsheet for Europe(s)

This pilot is meant to design, develop and implement a factsheet of responsible practices and attitudes. This will emphasize key points concisely so to represent a useful and easy entry gate for researchers. The Social Lab will try to diffuse it as a help-tool fostering reflexivity for applications at the national level.

Solidar Europe

The second pilot will gather different stakeholders to discuss and highlight the importance of solidarity as a research objective for the future of Europe.

Critical Responsibility

The third pilot will openly analyse the most common methodological tools in place to enhance responsibility amongst researchers and innovators. Engagement, digitalisation, solidarity and interdisciplinary commitment are only some of these ‘universal remedies’. However, the pilot will put in questions the objectives of these methodologies with their actual outcomes, so to increase their strength and protect them from distortions.

Managers and facilitators

Social Lab Manager: Robert Gianni robert.gianni@sciencespo.fr

Social Lab Facilitator:Ülle Must ulle.must@archimedes.ee