Social Lab 12 – Workshop 2

Date: 2-3 May 2019

Place: Rome, Italy


RRI is often conceived as something blurred or too general by researchers. The Social lab approach is meant to gather different subjects dealing with a similar issue and sharing knowledge in order to help each other and improve the overall issue resolution.

In the case of SL12 the issue is how to implement responsible practices in research and innovation. Therefore, SL managers and facilitators designed a pilot action to improve the awareness and usefulness of RRI in a more dedicated and easier way. The aim is to help researchers applying for funding across European countries to understand how could they integrate RRI aspects in their projects.

The team is then designing a fact-sheet that includes a little explanation of the different dimensions of RRI (e.g. Engagement) and provide applicants with tailored solutions and examples coming from previous projects. In this way the researchers will see the feasibility and the potential benefits of designing a RRI sound project.