Social Lab 11 – Workshop 2

Date: 21st-22nd March 2019

Place: Magnus-Haus, Berlin


The objective of bringing the experts together was to assess and support the proceeding of the pilot actions that have been set up after the first workshop in May 2018 to promote the uptake of RRI.

The focus of this workshop thus lied on:

  • the state of pilot actions;
  • the next steps of pilot activity, new options and opportunities;
  • optimizing the impact of pilot results in terms of advocacy, dialogue and partnerships.

There were 21 participants from 9 different countries representing stakeholders such as civil society organisations, academia, government, industry and research institutions.

During the workshop the moderator worked with the participants and all pilot groups on the pilot actions, the experiences and lessons learned so far and how they could be more applicable to the needs identified in Workshop I and within the consortium. In varying formats of exchange and cooperation within the pilot groups and between them the pilots reviewed their efforts, received valuable feedback, some sharpened their profile, others decided to change direction or main target group.

The Workshop gave immense stimulus to proceed their exchange within the groups and as a social lab.

Have a look at this brochure presenting the workshop on “Benefits of RRI for societal transitions” which will be held at the World Resources Forum in Antwerp.