Social Lab 17 – Workshop 2

Date: 6 & 7 May 2019

Place: Ispra, Italy


Major aim of the second workshop was to ensure that the Pilot action was running, to find out if the Pilot action owers needed any support, and to reflect and potentially adapt some aspects of the Pilot action.

The Pilot action started a few weeks before the actual second workshop with the planning of the Eurobarometer Survey and the narrative analysis. The eve of the start of this workshop, there was a kick-off event to present the JRC project on Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs) and the future of road transport more widely. Different JRC staff, industry representatives and researcher were present.

The workshop on May 6th and 7th, allowed facilitators and managers to get a deeper glimpse into the planned pilot activity and its subtasks. It also allowed those people involved, to learn more about the parts that together constitute this pilot action.

During the workshop, some participants expressed the perception that social scientists and tech-scientists have been constructed as opposed actors (“scientists don’t communicate well”) rather than working together. In a wider sense it was argued that the social scientists somewhat critically reflected the work of the tech-scientists and it would have been good to rather co-create together.