December 13, 2019

Description of the RRI Network

Embedding actions, activities, and narratives.

RRI network is a network of national research and innovation funding agencies supported by an NGO for responsibility in science that stimulates the integration of RRI into science, research and innovation. It strives for the wider and sustainable integration of outputs and learnings from the NewHoRRIzon project.

Current members are representatives from:

The objectives of the RRI network are:

  • To establish links to existing training networks, academies, and other potential distributors and target groups (NCP Academy, TAFTIE, national customer academies, national funding agencies academies, EC etc.).
  • To disseminate NewHoRRIzon instruments and trainings developed in Social Labs as well as information generated in the project via the network and its channels.
  • To identify and appoint RRI knowledge holders within participating funding agencies and ask them to act as supporters of RRI.
  • To review the key concerns motivating a stronger integration of RRI into R&I funding with a focus on the actual legitimisation provided by these concerns and the pros and cons of a broad integration.

The networks current core challenge is the integration of RRI principles into the established practices within the partners’ organisations. The integration proves particularly difficult because the partners’ core businesses and internal as well as external structural arrangements are quite diverse. Still, the prospects are good and first change is on the way.

Like the Social Labs, the RRI network is a place for experimentation and experiential learning.