Social Lab 16 – Workshop 2

Date: 10-11 December 2018

Place: Munich, Germany

10 participants:

  • Mario Roccaro: Programme Manager of Education, EIT Food, Belgium.
  • Sofia Kuhn: Programme Manager of Consumer Outreach in EIT Food, Belgium.
  • Magdalena Klimczuk-Kochańska: Project Coordinator and Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw, Poland. Partnerin EIT Food.
  • KrzysztofKlincewicz: Head of Department of Organization Theory and Methods, Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw, Poland. Partner in EIT Food.
  • Adam Molnar: Head of Area, Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research, Hungary. Partner in EIT Raw Materials.
  • Winston van Niel: Group Reporting Manager, InnoEnergy, the Netherlands.
  • Fabienne Debrunner: Social Innovation Lead, Climate KIC, Switzerland.
  • Aina Pascual: Accelerator Programme Manager, EIT Health, Germany.
  • Michal Gorzynski: Head of Monitoring Sector and Innovation Officer, EIT, Hungary.
  • Johanna Ringhofer: Contact for EU- and OECD-Research Policy, Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, Austria.

Presentation of the workshop

Two pilot actions turned into one, as the most dedicated Social Lab participants (and a few new members) returned for the second workshop and joined forces to gather RRI stories across EIT.

We held the second workshop at Hotel Prinz in Munich, Germany, and used most of the time to elaborate on the pilot ideas and plan the work, until the third workshop, in detail.

We appointed a project manager as well as a working group that the NewHoRRIzon team will support in reaching our goal to publish RRI stories on the EIT website by October 2019.