Social Lab 19 – Workshop 2

Date: January 29th and 30th, 2019

Place: Vienna, Austria


Marc Poumadère (Symlog)
Victor Esteban Gran (JRC Brussels)
Matthias Bruchhausen (JRC Petten)
Christophe Demaziere (Chalmers University)
Catrinel Turcanu (SCK•CEN)
Katarzyna Deja (NCBJ)
Dobrzyński Ludwik (NCBJ)


The EURATOM programme has a special role not only within the EC’s framework programmes but inside the EU itself as the EURATOM treaty is one of the three founding treaties of the union. The NewHoRRIzon diagnosis has pointed out that the EURATOM programme is widely following a very technical approach and that inclusion of the public into the research process or educating the public on the specific contents of the EURATOM programme take rarely place.