Social Lab 8 – Workshop 2

Date: 19 & 20 February 2019 Place: Tromsø, Norway Description Sixteen participants from all over Europe took part in this 2nd workshop organised by SL FOOD.Participants represented academia, research institutes, governments and industries of countries such as the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Germany, Estonia, UK, Norway, France and Switzerland.

Social Lab 2 – Workshop 2

Date: 12 & 13 March 2019 Place: Tromsø, Norway Description The workshop brought together fourteen participants representing the following countries: Norway, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia, Sweden, UK, Poland and Danemark. They came from differen insitutions including academia, government, research institutions.

Pathways declaration

With the early political adoption of RRI, the European Union has been a pioneer in responding to the issues at stake; most prominently the need for public legitimacy and support for research and innovation actions that address real societal needs in a way that respects the values of European publics.


BINTELLIGENT – garbage, hugs and innovation This year the biggest festival in Scandinavia, Roskilde Festival, was the scene for a new and innovative way to sort garbage. A group of students from the Danish Technical University (DTU) had developed a waste bin: BINTELLIGENT, which analyzes our garbage and literally tells us if we are doing Read more about SOCIAL LAB 18 – PILOT ACTION 1[…]